PZI Jeans – For girls with a little something extra!!

For all my ladies out there with a little something extra, these jeans are for you. At first, I too was skeptical, however, I am now in love! When the owner of the company first approached me to model for them, I didn’t want to believe that the jeans had the fit he claimed. After trying on a pair I was in total shock. No gap in the back. Fit my waist, butt and thighs properly. No need for a belt. No muffin top??? SOLD! I am so in love with these jeans that I had to bring them to Africa and share them with all my curvy women! You can get all these styles and more from Olivia’s Trunk!



Even Oprah placed PZI Jeans in her “The Worlds Best Jeans” Feb. 2013 Issue


A Few Style Ideas direct from The Denim Suite in Atlanta







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