UPDATE: Shoes too tight? Let’s Experiment!

It works! It works! It really works!!!

I woke up this morning and pulled the bags of ice out of my shoes. Once they thawed out a little I slipped them on and what a perfect fit! So for everyone who has been having difficulty with a pair of shoes that are just a little too tight and shoes stretchers aren’t working… heres your answer!

*** This does not mean buy a pair of shoes one size too small. lol. This is for shoes that have a slight pinch or maybe are a little too narrow but are actually your size ***

Shoes too tight? Let’s Experiment.

2 years ago my brother in law gave me some GORGEOUS Prada flats but they were just a little bit too tight at the front. I went to Prada and asked if this was common, they said every now and again they get a couple of people who have complained about the same thing. I came to realize I wasn’t the only one with this problem – and nor was Prada. So I got some shoe expanders but that was an epic fail. It made no difference.

Then someone suggested I put water in a bag, put them in my shoes and freeze them. The idea is that the bags of water freeze, expand and therefore stretch your shoes! At first I laughed. However, after thinking about how many different ways I could wear these shoes, I desperately gave in. I’ve worn them a total of 3 times and this is a disservice to such beautiful shoes. This evening I decided to fill my shoes with a bag of water. Pictures of my little experiment & Instructions (if you want to give it a try) are below. 

Watch This Space For An Update On How Well It Worked!

How Beautiful are these? I hope this works so I can wear them more often!

Photo Mar 16, 10 42 24 PM

First I stuffed the shoes with a zip lock bag. I tried to get the bag as far in the shoe as possible. (Any leak proof bag will do).Photo Mar 16, 10 44 47 PM

Next I filled the bags up with water. Make sure you don’t fill them up too much so you don’t stretch a part of the shoe that already fits.Photo Mar 16, 10 48 09 PM

Finally, pop them in the freezer with all your other goodies! Make sure they are on an angle so the water freezes in the area you want. I covered mine with a shoe bag just incase!

Photo Mar 16, 10 50 18 PM

Sophia Webster x Saks 5th Avenue Atlanta

Sophia Webster and Saks 5th Avenue teamed up to throw a fantastic event to showcase her Spring/ Summer collection. There was a DJ, amazing cocktails, decadent hors d’oeuvres, a cotton candy stand and of course Sophia Webster herself! The designer spoke briefly about the collection then milled the room speaking to small groups and individuals while others mingled and networked. The collection is awesome and a ton of fun & the displays were very creative – kudos to Saks’ visual merchandiser and the Sophia Webster team!

:: Pictures Below ::

Photo Mar 13, 5 55 41 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 55 55 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 56 15 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 56 30 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 56 45 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 57 05 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 57 20 PM

Photo Mar 13, 5 57 37 PM

Photo Mar 13, 6 00 01 PM

Photo Mar 13, 6 09 10 PM

Photo Mar 13, 6 13 41 PM

Photo Mar 13, 6 21 20 PM


A little update on DFNG.com. I got my official DFNG Loyalty Card in the mail! That means I can shop online through Eco Bank and have my stuff delivered straight to my door in Lagos. Heres how it works:

1. If You Have Not Already Registered Go To DFNG.com

2. Sign Up & Register Your Loyalty Card

3. Check Your Email & Click On The Link To Activate Your Account

4. Deposit Money Into Your Bank Account

5. Go Online & Enjoy The Best Shopping Experience Ever To Hit Your Finger Tips!

DFNG.com provides all the information you need to know about registering your card, depositing money into the account and your account details upon receiving your card in the mail. Hurry and register, the longer you wait the further away from being absolutely fabulous you are!

Happy Shopping! xxx

Photo Mar 16, 10 52 02 PM Photo Mar 16, 10 53 16 PM (HDR) Photo Mar 16, 10 53 35 PM (HDR)

Photo Mar 16, 10 52 36 PM


We’re Loving: Scott’s Antique Market (Atlanta)

Founded 30 years ago by Dawn Scott, he traveled the country finding antiques and selling them at various antique shows. After years of being an exhibitor he decided to start his own show with an emphasis on customer service. His first one was in Atlanta, GA and expanded all the way to Columbus, Ohio. Today it’s the worlds largest monthly indoor antique show. It takes place every first weekend of the month at the Atlanta Expo Center on Jonesboro Road. Check out our pictures below – it’s a great place for family bonding and treasure hunting!








Air France Update Business Class

So it looks like Air France is ready to give other airlines a run for their money. The airline is due to upgrade their business class seats in time for all those taking long haul summer vacations. From the pictures The cabins look spacious and comfortable. Let’s see what services they offer to differentiate themselves. I’m looking forward to hearing about the airlines new improvements.




We’re Loving: The Bentley Handbag Collection

Bentley has created a line of capsule handbags to compliment their luxury vehicles. The spring 2014 collection launched on March 4th at the Geneva Motor Show just in time for Ladies of Leisure preparing for their summer vacations and lux road trips.


The collection will feature two models of handbags – the Continental and the Barnato in a rich color palette that celebrates Bentley’s “pure” color collection with references to Bentley’s signature bespoke hide combinations. The capsule also includes a silk scarf collection.


Color pallets include a Special Ivory borrowed from the 1952 Continental R-Type made from patent leather with matching deep Burgundy interior. Another classic color is the Dragon Red from the Continental GT V8 also in patent leather. There is also the Cumbrian Green from the Bentley Blower model that combines patent and smooth leather. Other color combinations used include Saffron/Linen, Imperial Blue/Linen, Portland/Pillar Box Red, Saddle/Linen.

– LuxuryTopics.com

The price point and retail outlets for the bags have not yet been released. Watch this space for an update!

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