A little update on DFNG.com. I got my official DFNG Loyalty Card in the mail! That means I can shop online through Eco Bank and have my stuff delivered straight to my door in Lagos. Heres how it works:

1. If You Have Not Already Registered Go To DFNG.com

2. Sign Up & Register Your Loyalty Card

3. Check Your Email & Click On The Link To Activate Your Account

4. Deposit Money Into Your Bank Account

5. Go Online & Enjoy The Best Shopping Experience Ever To Hit Your Finger Tips!

DFNG.com provides all the information you need to know about registering your card, depositing money into the account and your account details upon receiving your card in the mail. Hurry and register, the longer you wait the further away from being absolutely fabulous you are!

Happy Shopping! xxx

Photo Mar 16, 10 52 02 PM Photo Mar 16, 10 53 16 PM (HDR) Photo Mar 16, 10 53 35 PM (HDR)

Photo Mar 16, 10 52 36 PM


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