FLIP BURGER BOUTIQUES: Burgers with a little something extra

We’ve found a new spot to get burgers with a twist this spring! Flip Burger Boutiques use alternative ingredients to make their absolutely scrumptious but light burgers. There are 3 locations in Atlanta.

To start we had pulled beef empanadas with avocado mayo which was like a party in my mouth! All the ingredients were very fresh and seasoned to perfection!

Meanwhile move over Mr. Crabs and Spongebob because Flips House Crabby Patties are everything and then some! They use fresh king crab and their secret house seasoning piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and avocado mayo.



The sliders sampler gave you the perfect taste of their most popular burgers: Beef with caramelized mushrooms and onions, Buffalo Chicken & Beef with Truffle oils and fresh vegetables.


I didn’t actually try the Turkey burger but my sister gave it a thumbs up and she’s a picky eater!


To pull it all together I had this amazing Smoking White Peach Sangria:


I’m no food critic but i would recommend Flip Burger to anyone. If nothing else, the presentation is a lot of fun, the food is different, and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. It’s very Miami meets Atlanta – a combination guaranteed to please!





After much anticipation, FLIP Poncey-Highland’s huge Rooftop Patio is now open!!! Come out and enjoy this beautiful weather with us while it lasts. We have plenty of room for large parties as well as a lounge area with sofas and chairs if you just want to hang out and relax while checking out the view.

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