Ankara for the win!! Demestiks by Reuben Reuel 2014

It’s that time of the year again where you see a lot of international designers incorporating Ankara into their runway designs. Reuben Reuel however, has centered his entire collection around it. The 2014 Demestiks collection is likely to have all the Afrocentric, Solange listening fashionista’s rocking this look this summer!


Reuel says he gets his inspiration for dress making from what he saw in church on Sundays while growing up in Virginia Beach, VA. I suspect his love for these Dutch Wax (Ankara) prints stems from ‘other’ heritage. I’m definitely going to be doing some research into him, I like his style!

Watch this space for an update!






If you see anything you like you can order here on Demestik’s ETSY shop. Enjoy!

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