Baecation Part 1: Rome

What is a ‘Baecation’? First I must define the word ‘Bae’. I was shocked at how many definitions there are on the Internet for ‘Bae’, and while there were many that made me laugh hysterically*** I have concluded that your Bae is a significant other. This doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend/girlfriend, Husband/Wife but also your girlfriends, homegirls, ace boon coons and day one chic’s. Lol. So simply put a ‘Baecation’ is a vacation you spend strictly with your significant other or others. AKA no family you don’t feel like seeing and no one to rain on your parade!

I decided to jump on the end of a Eurotrip some friends of mine were on so I spent my Baecation with my ace and day one from Undergrad, Hailee and three other close friends – Chica, Dacone & Regine and it ended up being the best vacation I’ve been on in a while. This was mostly because we decided we wanted to actually see the cities we were visiting. Instead of staying in skyscraper hotels we rented out cute local apartments, we ate foods on recommendations from locals, but what was most fun, although I wasn’t very prepared for it, was the physical aspect of the trip. We spent many afternoons (including a couple of rainy ones) walking through the ruins of Pompeii, in the scorching sun walking up hundreds of stairs into Capri City and even a bunch of crazy people jumping off cliffs that were entirely too high. However, I am getting ahead of my self.

I met the girls in Rome a day behind schedule because they got stuck in Serbia coming from their already 3-week trip around the rest of Europe. My flight got in an hour late and Air Serbia broke Hailee’s suitcase. Needless to say that wasn’t a great start to our vacation but we didn’t let it set the tone!!

In Rome we stayed in a small 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. Unfortunately a lot of Rome was under construction so we missed out on a few attractions like The Trevi Fountain and The Pantheon. We did however make it to The Colosseum, Vatican City, The Spanish steps around sunset, which was gorgeous and took a nice long walk down Via Dei Condetti.

Side Note: Via Condetti is Rome’s leading shopping street, it contains a wide category of haute-couture boutiques and salons, the headquarters, ateliers or major offices of major flagship labels such as Valentino, Bulgari, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada and Dior. It is also home to several of the city’s finest restaurants, cafes, antique shops and bars.

Photo Jul 25, 11 34 59 AM

I’m mad this guys hat is photo bombing our picture but I still love this one!

Photo Jul 25, 11 34 54 AM

Hailee & I in front of the Colosseum


Dacone at The Spanish Steps

Dacone at The Spanish Steps

Hailee and I at The Spanish Steps near Via Condetti

Hailee and I at The Spanish Steps near Via Condetti

Regine taking in a beautiful sunset at The Spanish steps

Regine taking in a beautiful sunset at The Spanish steps

Our next stop was The Amalfi Coast… Read More In Beacation Part 2!

3 thoughts on “Baecation Part 1: Rome

  1. Wow, it was amazing reading about your trip. I want to make the same trip to europe though am alone but I guess I might really find interesting friends on route.

    Can you please share a simple budget for your trip so I can pick a leaf from it.

    Thank you.

  2. Great, finally I do understand now that if people are talking about ”BAECATION” what they really talking about, Infact I’m glad because there some aspect I didn’t know about but after reading this I know something and now I am able to explain briefly to others the definition of ”Baecation”.

    Thank You.

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