Spring Premieres are here and we are hyped!!

Praise Jesus it’s about that time guys!!!  All the good shows are back for their spring premieres and we can stop filling our evenings with junk! I know it’s sad to be this excited… judge on or join in! lol

Heres the line up of what we will be tuning in to:

:: Empire :: Your’e already behind if you haven’t started! Get your life!! ::


Yes ya’ll! THIS THE SHOW!! If you haven’t caught the first two episodes you are slacking. This is like Motown on crack! These people are some soulful, rapping, trifling, fashionable hustlers.

:: Suits :: Jan 28 ::


This is a bitter sweet spring premiere. Why would you end greatness??? We are so excited for it to start again but so sad knowing this is the last season. Mikes situation is currently not any different now that he is back at the firm. Pearson Specter are back in the line of fire, Louis is returning to stir things up. You can only lie so long before the truth catches up with you. Get Ready!!


:: Grey’s Anatomy :: Jan 29 ::


I think I am more excited than most about the return of Grey’s. I’m addicted! No matter what people say, I will always be a fan of anything Shonda!

:: Scandal :: Jan 29 ::


Ok, yes I did just say I’m fan of anything Shonda, but I hope she comes with a better story line than Olivia and Fitz constantly playing games. I’m over it a little and ready to see Olivia move away from her Fitz/Jake obsession. Girl you can not bask in the sun and live in Vermont at the same time!

:: How To Get Away With Murder :: Jan 29 ::


I’ve always had mixed feelings about this show. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I just end up turning the TV off midway. More times than not, I stick with it. I’m definitely going to watch the first episode as season premieres are always great. Hopefully Shonda can keep me coming back!


:: The Blacklist :: Feb 01 ::


Yes, Yes and more Yes!!! This is MY SHOW! This man is so intelligent, and sneaky, kind, ruthless but lovable all in one character. The blacklist always has our vote! Make sure you tune in, I know it’ll be great.

:: House of Cards :: Feb 27 ::


If you are in to politics and a little cut throat behavior this one is for you! House of cards is a gripper. Can’t wait!


:: Game Of Thrones :: April 12 ::


We know, we know, It’s a late start but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! we can’t express our excitement in words. I can’t wait to see Arya Stark kick butt… mentally that is. The children are taking over this season and finally we may get some closure to a lot of story lines. So happy about the new season… FINALLY!!


Watch on world! Watch on. If you are looking for us after 7pm every night we will be at home getting our daily dose of greatness!





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