Clean Water For Everyone

Last night was the Clean Water For Everyone Charity Auction at 6 Louis Solomon Close in VI, Lagos. The charity, which has been operating for 4 years, raises awareness of the lack of clean water around the world and provides solutions to provide clean water in developing nations.

The event was catered by Chef Fregz with a selection of appetizers including mini burgers, salmon canapés, Asun puffs (These were beyond amazing!) & Jumbo prawn boats. It was sponsored by Ashton Wells Water, Temple Muse, The Red Door Gallery, Jewel By Lisa, Deola by Deola Sagoe, Suffy Tours & Cruises and Eku Edewor all of whom placed items and services up for auction.



Makashe Ibru Awogboro & Baba Epega



Gabriel Ibru & Ebruba Ibru (Co-founder of CWFE Nigeria)



“Clean Water for Everyone is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to sustainable clean water and sanitation for communities around the world.”



Abbey Wemimo Founder & CEO of Clean Water For Everyone


Sina Rambo


Baba Epega & Chief Mrs. Wanda Ibru




” Donations are used to build water infrastructure, toilet renovation, filtration systems, and so much more! “





Kome Ajegbo & Makashe Ibru Awogboro

If you would like to learn more about CWFE visit or click here if you would like to give a donation

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