Louise Roe x Style Network x #FrontRoe

Louise Roe has a new book called Front Roe: How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Own Life. Some of you may better know Louise as the lady who does the infomercials on The Style Network on how to wear this seasons trends! Who knew she was so stylish as most of her models on her segments are so dull!

“In Front Roe, Louise shares her expertise on cultivating personal style and feeling like a confident leading lady in your own life.”

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“Louise has compiled the practical tips and secret tricks that she’s picked up through years of working in the fashion industry with magazine editors, stylists, celebrities, and most importantly, real women.”

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“Front Roe helps a woman discover her personal style through looks she loves—images in magazines that speak to her, quotes that inspire her, fashion or styles she is taken with, and family photos.”

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“With a little nudging and direction, everybody can develop their own personal style, no matter their shape, age, or wallet size. In my view, fashion should be aspirational, but attainable and definitely something to have a sense of humor about. It’s worth living every single day as the most confident, happy, and glamorous version of yourself. Here’s how!”

                 – Louise Roe

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“Louise shares stories, information, and ideas from around the world to help women feel educated, uplifted, inspired, and considerably more positive about their mind, body, closet, and home.”

Find out more about Louise Roe on her Website

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