Amazing Hats of Ascot!

After seeing the fabulous fascinator The Duchess of Cambridge wore to Princess Charlottes christening yesterday we were inspired to see what other hats and fascinators were flying about this summer so far! Of course we ended up at Ascot, the home of all fantastic hats! Here are a few we loved and some that were, well… interesting!

TheDuchessofCambridge_PrincessCharlotte_V_05jul15_getty_b_592x888_1Duchess of Cambridge at Princess Charlotte’s Christening


This is by far the craziest!


These two are amazing! Heavy I would imagine!


Their hemlines are a little high but their hats make up for it.


Not really into it but I can see the appeal…


They are just cray cray. I have no idea what’s going on here!


Love it! Classy with a little flair.


This was interesting. I wouldn’t mind standing next to her on a super sunny day!


This is a beautiful hat! All the right kind of drama!


Sophie Countess of Wessex is FAB!


The Queen wore Blue to Ladies Day and Pink on Day 2 of Ascot



Zara Phillips opted for something a little bit more low key


Denise Lewis stuck to neutral tones


These are amazing! A bit much, but still amazing works of art.


This one is interesting. I’m still on the fence.


They slayed.


This is by far my favorite! The fresh flowers totally top it off!


In honor of Ascot’s 300th anniversary, milliner David Shilling made this outlandish hat that consists of candles that spell out Happy Birthday, balloons, a wad of cash and a cocktail glass. Happy Birthday… I guess!


Eh… yeh. lol


All of these ladies got it right with their outfits and their hats (except for the girl in black. Why ruin everything with those shoes? This is not Coachella).

We enjoyed the Amazing Hats of Ascot. Which ones were your favorite?

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