Chrissy Teigen .vs. Instagram

Chrissy Teigen, model and wife to John Legend, recently posted a partially nude image on Instagram that was removed the same day because her visible nipple was a violation of the terms of agreement with Instagram. While yes, it is a seductive image, there is far far worse floating around on Instagram.


After Instagram took the post down, Teigen posted three versions of the image with a vintage filter, chalk drawing and black and white image. As per their ‘rules’ Instagram took down all three.


Two days ago Justin Beiber posted a picture of himself butt naked on a boat and it is still up for everyone’s pleasure – or displeasure.

In response to this Teigen posted a picture of her husband John Legends butt on Instagram and tagged them in the comment. Lol


First of all we love that he walks around his house naked! Yes John! Lmao. It seems it’s ok to post men’s butts on Instagram. – What are your thoughts on nudity?

What should be allowed on social media?

How naked is too naked?

Why are societal rules different for men and women ?
Let us know!

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