Friends Of The Trunk Christmas Wish List x Makashe Awogboro

We are always curious to know what other people have on their Christmas wish lists so this year we are having a countdown to Christmas day with Christmas Wish Lists from friends of Olivia’s Trunk!

We are kicking the countdown off with our co-owner/co-founder Makashe Awogboro’s list.

Temptu makeup airbrush


Shanghai Tang fortune shou earrings


Anastasia eyebrow gel


Alaia Suede knee boots


Manning Cartell exclusive lace sheath dress


Maison Michel Andre grosgrain trimmed rabbit felt fedora


The Seasoned Life Cookbook by Ayesha Curry


Hallingford 3 dr / 3 drw Mirrored Wardrobe


We want to know what’s on your list! Email us or comment on our instagram @oliviastrunk or twitter @oliviastrunk!

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