Friends Of The Trunk Wish List x Mr.24!

This is one of our favorite wish-lists so far! Mr.24 (Temitayo Eyitayo) is really giving you guys some game to step up to! Ladies… this is what he has in mind for Christmas!


Temitayo is the owner of 24 – the popular streetwear brand that has taken Nigeria by storm. The line includes polo shirts, baseball caps and sweatpants.


“I’m an old man at heart but no one can turn their eyes away from the timeless Gucci Loafers. Perfect for every occasion.”


“I currently have an older version of these headphones, but I’ve always wanted wireless headphones with noise cancellation. My perfect wish.”


“They say you don’t sell a Patek, you hand it down to your son. Now this isn’t a wish. This is an investment. Needed!!!!!! And there is just something about this 5738P-001 in midnight blue. *shivers*”


“For a while now, Bottega Veneta has been my favorite fashion house. These sunglasses though… They will make a good entry into Q1 of 2016 with me.”


“The Christmas holidays always have stretches of relaxation and idle days. How best to spend them than to watch this great trilogy. I need this one. Streaming just won’t do.”


(Click Here for more info on Temitayo’s dream kitchen)

“Ok ok, there’s a little story here. Cooking is my hobby, and I find kitchen duties very therapeutic. This will definitely make me the happiest man ever.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.11.26 AM.png

“This Christian Dior belt… Hmmmm… Yes. It is definitely on my wish list. Simple, yet elegant.”


“Finally, the first on my list. Can’t wait to unleash the 24 X Cuppy Collection.”

(To find out more about the 24 x Cuppy Collection click here)

We also can’t wait for the 24 x Cuppy collection. We already know it’s going to be great!

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