Friends Of The Trunk x Ehime Eigbe

Ehime Eigbe is the CEO of our favorite Frozen Yogurt haven, Sweet Kiwi. Ehime & Sweet Kiwi have been Friends of The Trunk since our inception. They catered some of the desserts at Makashe’s wedding and they were definitely a crowd favorite! The Sweet Kiwi HQ is in Lekki and Ehime plans on expanding! The Frozen Yoghurt company is known for the new flavors they bring out every month and more recently, their alcoholic frozen yogurt lines which include Moet & Chandon frozen yogurt, Veuve Clicquot frozen yogurt and Belvedere vodka frozen yogurt.


Trip to the Maldives


Philips Air Fryer




Perfume (Alien by Thierry Mugler )



Home Mani Pedi set



Urban Decay make up gift set



The Belgariad by David Eddings book collection



Swarovski crystal earrings


Benefit Eyeliner 53d57d4ae3420_-_benefit-theyre-real-push-up-gel-liner.jpg

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