Friends Of The Trunk Wishlist x Misan Harriman

Misan Harriman AKA The Curator, is the Founder of and @wwsinsta on Instagram. WWS is one the fastest growing new publishing platforms & one of our favorite places for history, lifestyle & so much more!


“I really need an Elsa Calvani desk, she is the woman behind and her desks are to die for.”



“If money was no object I still wouldn’t be able to have this, for me it is the most beautiful car ever! The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso in chestnut brown, once owned by Steve Macqueen! Most 250’s are beautiful but the Lusso—Italian for luxury—stands out even in that crowd. As the name suggests, it was designed by Pininfarina as a grand tourer, with an eye on stylish, high-speed motoring as opposed to racing. There is ample luggage space behind the two seats swathed in beige leather, and the engine is set forward to allow for more legroom. It is no longer for sale.”



“I always seem to want things I cannot have, this is my favorite painting and it would be a dream to own it one day. The Thankful Poor is by the well known African American Realist painter Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937). This painting is definitely not for sale….”


“I would like to have the complete collection of every game console ever made, I am a HUGE gamer and this is a dream of mine.”



“A trip with my family and friends to the Lost Island in Tahaa, French Polynesia.”



“I will take ANY cottage in the Cotswolds!! A place to rest your soul…”



“I would love to have the ultimate record collection, but it has to be curated by one man, my idol Quincy Jones.”


“I don’t just want to charter the Maltese Falcon because it is arguably the finest yacht ever built but I hear that if you ask nicely the crew will project a movie of your choice onto its giant sails, my dream is to watch my all-time favorite movie Cinema Paradiso on those sails.”



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