Louis Vuitton x Jaden Smith

Louis Vuitton are giving us a totally different look for 2016. They have gone with an androgynous theme for their most current womens wear collection and they teamed up with none other than Jaden Smith!! It’s definitely an interesting but controversial way to go. And yes, we said Jaden… not Willow. lol

Thoughts on Jadens Androgynous look?


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Balmain 2016 Campaign

We are loving everything about this years first Balmain campaign. Life has been given!

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New Year Resolution x Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s released their New Year Resolutions for 2016 and we are totally on board! New Year Resolutions can start small but make your year big!


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New Year Resolutions x Eku Edewor

Welcome to 2016! Every year we all say we are going to have a new start. This year some of our friends have chosen to share their new year resolutions with us and we are looking forward to seeing them stick to it!

First up is our girl EKU!


I’m kicking of a style and lifestyle blog documenting my personal choices in life and my approach. So my first resolution is definitely to manage my time and posts. And to regularly update and post.


I’m 30 this year so I really want to start as I mean to go on. I’m going to be religious about my health, diet and beauty routine. If it’s all downhill from here I may as well look great doing it.

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