Kendall x Kylie x Neiman Marcus

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have teamed up with Neiman Marcus to release their debut collection for the department store! We love both their styles, even though they are quite different. We are excited to see how the edgy Kylie Jenner style mixes with the more high fashion Kendall Jenner style. So far we like what we see, there are a definitely a few pieces we would wear, but it is a little bit basic! I’m hoping they come out with something more outside of the box with their next release!

For now, here’s what you can pre-order online at Neiman Marcus






Top $98 // Bottom $148

Top $138 // Bottom $128


Top $88 // Bottom $98

Neiman Marcus continues to add more Kendall + Kylie collection to their Pre-Order list daily! Click here to stay in the loop & make your pre-orders!


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