TeeZee DRB x OT Wish List 2016

Teni Zaccheaus AKA Teezee DRB AKA The Fresh Prince of Las Gidi is a longtime friend of The Trunk. We go waaaayyy back, so of course we were excited to see what was on his list. Teezee is by far one of the most creative people we know with his hand in music, arts & business. He is a brand ambassador for Jameson Whiskey, Nigeria and one of the founders of the NATIVELAND festival (22nd Dec this year!)

“Vintage Record Player. I recently began collecting Fela vinyls and I’m yet to find a record player to match.”


” Premium well aged whiskey, 25 year old+ preferably Irish or scotch. I’m a whiskey man.”


“Sports memorabilia! Jerseys, plaques, autographed balls and cards.HUGE sports fan anything with historical sporting value is priceless to me..”


“Portrait from legendary hip hop photographer Jonathan Mannion.He captured some of the most iconic moments in hip hop, it will only appreciate in value.”


“Full DVD series collection of any of my favorite shows I can’t find on Netflix like OZ, the wire, entourage,Fresh prince of bel air,martin etc .There is something cool about having physical copies to me sha.”


“A mobile music studio.It would make the recording process so much easier!”


“Water toys! Jet ski, floatees,water jet packs, surf boards, wake boards, etc. I love the water and the beach so anything I could do to enhance the experience would be worth my while and a great gift.”



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