Solange & Beyonce for Interview Magazine Jan 2017

Growing up with a big sister is always a challenge. Do you mould yourself into some vague copy of your big sister or do you rebel and be the opposite? I always had a hard time navigating this area of life but in the end I think I figured it out. As an adult I try to emulate my sisters best traits but somehow maintain some individuality.

I think it’s safe to say that this dynamic sister duo helped me understand you don’t have to be exactly like your big sister in order to flourish (that is assuming your older sister did it right in the first place!). You can still forge your own path and be fabulous in your own way.

January’s edition of interview magazine is a very interesting take on the Beyonce – Solange combo. Beyonce interviews little sister Solange on everything from music to life, love and career moves outside of music.

Read the full article here on








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