The Colored Girl x Nubian Skin Full Bloom Campaign

The Colored Girl is an agency dedicated to disrupting the status quo through fashion and beauty. What does this really mean? The Colored Girl essentially creates the campaigns and finds the beautiful chocolate skin models you have been seeing pop up in more and more common place adverts now. To celebrate their first year anniversary, founders Victory Jones & Tori Elizabeth collaborated with 13 gorgeous melanin Queens for their “Full Bloom Campaign” which is meant to embrace black women of all shades, sizes and all their similarities and differences.

Get ready for a whole lot of chocolate deliciousness on your screen!



“The colors represent the joy and gratitude we feel, and that many Black women feel; but that is almost never seen commercially.”



“We wanted to show Black women as happy, vulnerable, fierce, yet whimsical. Because we almost never get to be ‘whimsical’. We are all too often portrayed as the heavy; angry, bitter women, or hyper sexualized objects of desire, and it’s unfair because we (WOC) are so much more, and our experiences run the gamut, just like anyone else,”









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