Sooo I know you guys are wondering what has taken me so long to post any images from the #BlackPanther premiere. The problem is, I couldn’t get my head around some of these outfits! Calling all Black Americans, I am happy that you want to get back to your roots but, just because the dress code is ” African attire” does not give you creative license to wear every eccentric piece of clothing you own in your closet. Here in Nigeria, we do not walk around in loin cloth & animal prints all day. There are so many talented designers on the continent that it saddens me that enough stylists did not take the time to do the proper research πŸ™„
However I must say that with each premiere the looks have gotten better! Thank God πŸ‘πŸ½
Anyway I’m quite excited to see the film and big congratulations & job well done goes out to all the cast and crew.
#wesaluteyou #issabouttime #marvel #blackexcellence #chadwickboseman #michaelbjordan #lupitanyongo #letitiawright #angelabassett #sterlingkbrown #yarashahidi #angelparker #donaldglover #kendricklamar #sza #sydneynoel #tanikaray #tessathompson #megangood #wakandaforever




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