Milan Fashion Week: DOLCE & GABANNA SS19

First of all, this is a HUGE collection!! There are so many looks for one season but it caters to all ages. It is safe to say Dolce & Gabanna have mastered the art of print & embellishment.

This collection features the renowned 1950’60s silhouettes of black lace dresses, floral prints, brocade & jacquard tailoring and religious embellishments. They also introduced a new garden print which will without a doubt be a hit.

More than anything, it’s amazing how one collection can be worn by all ages, sizes, genders & ethnicities from the Monica Bellucci’s and Ashley Grahams to Eva Herzigova and the list goes on!  I think it’s safe to say all the influencers, trendsetters and IT crews will be rocking these super embellished looks asap!

Milan Fashion Week: FENDI SS19

FENDI have always been the Gods of the logo. FENDI did logos before logos were the trend. #LogomaniaForLife! This year theyve re-ignited our love for the logo but in a more classic & subtle way than other brands. We are loving the warm tones and their new take on the fanny pack!


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Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood!

Before baby no.2 I was worried about being able to stay cute this time around. 1 toddler and a husband already seemed like a handful but I managed to pull it off. Here are a few of my fave maternity looks from the second go around!


The day I found out I was pregnant!


Niyi & Busola’s Wedding #BusNiyi2018

This was the first traditional wedding I had been to since I found out I was pregnant, thankfully Nikki O had me covered!

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Christmas Day

I spent ALOT of time in my pajamas this pregnancy, even when I was up and moving. Natori Pajamas are definitely on my go to list forever!


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Back like we never left!

Hey guys,


We know we’ve been away for a hot minute. Had to take a break. So much happened. There were a few weddings, funerals, births & birthdays, renovations and moves. We were basically living life. (Sorry☹️) However, now we can tell you all about it(😁).


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