Misan Harriman :: First Black Male Photographer for Vogue

In the midst of this historically turbulent year, there have been a few rays of sunshine and a few silver linings to the clouds. One of those moments (a personal one for us since he is family and an all round incredible person,) was Misan Harriman’s photography covering Vogue Magazine during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement as the first Black male photographer in the history of Vogue.

Misan is the founder of What We See, a premium publishing network created to bring the content we want to see, that we don’t often get to see. He describes the network as “a digital custodian of great art and the talent behind it.”1 To see more from the British-Nigerian photographer you can visit his website here or follow him on Instagram @whatwesee.

For those that are more audio driven than visual, you can also catch Misan on his podcast (What We See presents) That Scene, That Song where he discusses the culture that has shaped our lives through movie and music.

Misan Harriman

1Misan Harriman / The Drum

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