Any of you who have watched the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic know exactly what I’m talking about. While the movie was hilarious it hit a lot of real points. Being a Shopaholic is a real life issue that a lot of us suffer from and we don’t even know it!

The movie was funny but real

The movie was funny but real

Have you ever sat on the floor of your room surrounded by clothes and shoes and things and wonder how on earth it all got there?


This is definitely the face of satisfaction after an amazing day of shopping. All of a sudden the world is right again. lol.


My face when I just can’t believe the price! I know a few women who have taken others down during a Harrods sale.


But I digress. Back to the issue at hand! First of all what is a Shopaholic?

Also known as CBD, Compulsive Buying Disorder, it’s characterized by an obsession with shopping and buying behavior that can cause adverse consequences.

“CBD is experienced as an irresistible–uncontrollable urge, resulting in excessive, expensive and time-consuming retail activity [that is] typically prompted by negative affectivity” and results in “gross social, personal and/or financial difficulties”


What causes it?

  • Emotional deprivation in childhood
  • Inability to tolerate negative feelings
  • Need to fill an inner void
  • Excitement seeking
  • Approval seeking
  • Perfectionism
  • Genuinely impulsive and compulsive
  • Need to gain control

Types of Behaviors:

  • Compulsive shoppers – shop to distract feelings; “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”
  • Trophy shoppers – find the perfect accessory for outfits, etc. High class items will do.
  • Image shoppers – pick up tab, expensive cars, highly visible stuff
  • Bargain shoppers – buy stuff they don’t need just because it is a good deal. Out for the hunt.
  • Codependent shoppers – to gain love and approval
  • Bulimic Shoppers—buy and return, buy and return (similar to actual bulimia)
  • Collector Shoppers—have to have complete or many sets of objects or different colors of same style of clothing

I personally consider myself a shopaholic but not for all the reasons stated above. It’s a great way to relax and if you can afford it why not?! However I also take much delight in shopping for other people lol It easily satisfies my own urge to shop unnecessarily for myself. Life is short and if shopping makes you happy I believe it’s a hell of a lot better than drinking and drugging yourself to death. It’s one of the lesser evils when it comes to addictions as far as I’m concerned BUT if you do need serious help here is some handy advice from The Shulman Center for compulsive theft, spending and hoarding.

Suggestions for change:

  • Avoid people or places which tempt you to shop/spend
  • Cut up plastic; close charge accounts; rip up credit card offers and home equity applications
  • Make lists before going to the store; buy what you need only – call support people, take a trusted friend
  • Wait a good period of time before you make an impulsive purchase
  • Ask yourself: Do I need this or do I just want it?
  • Develop better ways to manage difficult emotions
  • Develop fun things to do to fill in your time better
  • Seek out specialized counseling, medication, support groups, read books about compulsive shopping/spending
  • Be aware of events that trigger urges to shop
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions or e-mail subscriptions and block certain Internet shopping sites or TV shopping channels.


So, Are you a shopaholic??


Happy Shopping Everyone!

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