Karen Walker Eyewear: Visible

Designer Karen Walker has created a new campaign that involves the Kenyan Artisans who make her stylish eyewear. The 2014 Summer collection is called Visible:

“Karen Walker Visible is a new campaign that aims to highlight, celebrate and acknowledge. This season we’re working with the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative to create work in community groups of micro-artisans located in the urban and rural areas of Kenya.”

 – Karen Walker

Click link above (Ethical Fashion Initiative) to read more about the campaign

She also used the people who make the sunglasses as her models for her look book which gives it a very cool, eclectic and afrocentric sort of look.

See behind the scenes footage and images at the lookbook shoot here

Designer Karen Walker

Designer Karen Walker


Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_04 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_05 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_06 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_08 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_07 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_09 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_10 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_11 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_12 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_16 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_18 Karen-Walker-Eyewear-1st-Summer-2014-Lookbook_Page_171

The only aspect I don’t understand about the look book is why all the landscape photography looks so dreary. It seems like a little bit of an oxymoron. Any way, I love the collection. It’s very quirky and a lot of fun. You are sure to stand out in a crowd!

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