The Eternal Hunt For Nude Shoes!

Earlier this year I found myself on a quest for nude shoes. It didn’t matter what style of shoe as long as they were nude and had a heel of some sort. My obsession started off in Atlsnta where I hounded the managers of the shoe departments at Saks and Neiman Marcus. ALL nude shoes were sold out by March. Every Louboutin, every Gianvito Rossi, even Nine West SOLD OUT!!! I moved on to my people at Jeffrey’s. They are usually on the ball but nothing there either.
It turns out Mr. Louboutin was only making a certain number of nudes and distributing them evenly amongst all his distributors in the States 😦

Now being a size 41 I knew this was going to be a challenge but I’m not one to give up especially when it comes to shoes Hahahah ( you would think I’m trying to get a degree). I proceeded to call all my connection s in London and in Paris still nothing.

I had accepted DEFEAT, I would have to wait til next fall to snag some new nudes.

Fast forward to August. I’m in Knightsbridge shopping. The usual places, Harvey Nichols & Harrods, then I remember there are a few good consignment shops around here. Being in the business of consignment don’t know why I didn’t think about checking them out before!!!

As I head over to Cheval Place I feel happy, lol, excited. I zoom towards the dressing room and what do I see?! A whole wall of nude shoes !!!! I peruse through them I find 3 in size 41.

There they were these amazing two strap Prada heels. Simple. Exactly what I was looking for. Even better they were BRAND NEW and only £150 🙂

I felt accomplished. I won! Hahahah! I waited a long time and I got what I wanted.


P.s. Turns out my Prada heels happen to be the same ones that Kim Kardashian bought on Ebay.

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