The Eternal Hunt For Nude Shoes!

Earlier this year I found myself on a quest for nude shoes. It didn’t matter what style of shoe as long as they were nude and had a heel of some sort. My obsession started off in Atlsnta where I hounded the managers of the shoe departments at Saks and Neiman Marcus. ALL nude shoes were sold out by March. Every Louboutin, every Gianvito Rossi, even Nine West SOLD OUT!!! I moved on to my people at Jeffrey’s. They are usually on the ball but nothing there either.
It turns out Mr. Louboutin was only making a certain number of nudes and distributing them evenly amongst all his distributors in the States 😦

Now being a size 41 I knew this was going to be a challenge but I’m not one to give up especially when it comes to shoes Hahahah ( you would think I’m trying to get a degree). I proceeded to call all my connection s in London and in Paris still nothing.

I had accepted DEFEAT, I would have to wait til next fall to snag some new nudes.

Fast forward to August. I’m in Knightsbridge shopping. The usual places, Harvey Nichols & Harrods, then I remember there are a few good consignment shops around here. Being in the business of consignment don’t know why I didn’t think about checking them out before!!!

As I head over to Cheval Place I feel happy, lol, excited. I zoom towards the dressing room and what do I see?! A whole wall of nude shoes !!!! I peruse through them I find 3 in size 41.

There they were these amazing two strap Prada heels. Simple. Exactly what I was looking for. Even better they were BRAND NEW and only £150 🙂

I felt accomplished. I won! Hahahah! I waited a long time and I got what I wanted.


P.s. Turns out my Prada heels happen to be the same ones that Kim Kardashian bought on Ebay.

photo 2-2

photo 4


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.05.26 AM

Shoes too tight? Let’s Experiment.

2 years ago my brother in law gave me some GORGEOUS Prada flats but they were just a little bit too tight at the front. I went to Prada and asked if this was common, they said every now and again they get a couple of people who have complained about the same thing. I came to realize I wasn’t the only one with this problem – and nor was Prada. So I got some shoe expanders but that was an epic fail. It made no difference.

Then someone suggested I put water in a bag, put them in my shoes and freeze them. The idea is that the bags of water freeze, expand and therefore stretch your shoes! At first I laughed. However, after thinking about how many different ways I could wear these shoes, I desperately gave in. I’ve worn them a total of 3 times and this is a disservice to such beautiful shoes. This evening I decided to fill my shoes with a bag of water. Pictures of my little experiment & Instructions (if you want to give it a try) are below. 

Watch This Space For An Update On How Well It Worked!

How Beautiful are these? I hope this works so I can wear them more often!

Photo Mar 16, 10 42 24 PM

First I stuffed the shoes with a zip lock bag. I tried to get the bag as far in the shoe as possible. (Any leak proof bag will do).Photo Mar 16, 10 44 47 PM

Next I filled the bags up with water. Make sure you don’t fill them up too much so you don’t stretch a part of the shoe that already fits.Photo Mar 16, 10 48 09 PM

Finally, pop them in the freezer with all your other goodies! Make sure they are on an angle so the water freezes in the area you want. I covered mine with a shoe bag just incase!

Photo Mar 16, 10 50 18 PM

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